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The Precision range

This is the new generation of blanket and sample cutting machine.

The Precision utilizes the latest version of windows computers, including a 22" touch screen making it very user friendly and cost effective. It eliminates the need for expensive controllers.

We have developed a new way of clamping the blanket giving perfect registration every time.

We have also developed what we call 'perfect corner technology' this eliminates the snags left behind with the old cutters,

giving a really clean cut finish for the optimum strip time.

The Precision range can be turned from a blanket cutter to a sample maker in seconds, leaving the old machines in the past.

What once took 30 minutes, now takes the time to change a block (we've got it down to 3 seconds!).

The downtime is almost eliminated.

Each machine is custom built to each customers exact requirements.

We can also customise the machine to carry your companys logo and colours.


Compressed air requirements - 85PSI (6bar)

Well-established and proven technology.

All models are robust workhorses.

Simple yet comprehensive software drives all our machines.

Each model comes with a 12 month or more UNLIMITED* warranty.

Exceptional support and service back-up.

Many satisfied users world-wide.

Low cost consumables.

Fully UK made and all parts are UK based.

* By UNLIMITED we mean that there is no limit on the number of mats that can be cut during the warranty period. That is how confident we are about the quality of our machines. But UNLIMITED does not include consumables or misuse of the machine.


For a downloadable PDF please click this link


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