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Plotter service & repair

All plotters repaired and serviced.

These include Misomex, Exact, Kasemake, Zund, Konsberg and many more.
We can often offer a same day service, because we know how important you plotter is to you.


We travel worldwide at great competitive rates.


We supply all types of plotter blades including carbide.

Felt mats for all types of plotters.

Replacement plotter pens.

Drive cards & Controllers

Drive cards for Misomex plotters, repaired or replaced.

Custom made plotter mats

Custom made plotter mats to any size,

fully backed with airflow mesh.
Holes are standard 25mm X 25mm apart, but can be adjusted to suit your requirements.
The feedback from our customers on these is fantastic. They offer suction increases of up to 30%.
We now believe our mats are the best on the market.
Try them, you will be amazed.



Details of all our plotters we have for sale will appear here.

We supply & ship worldwide. We take care of all the paperwork to get it to your door without the stress.

Most used plotters come with a 3 month guarantee.

Prices range from £8,000 To £22,000

Click on the pictures below for more detailed information.

PDF's are available to download.

Plotters for sale

We go the extra mile (and mile.....and mile)

We had a customer that was a little stuck when their machine decided to break down beyond economical repair. They called us to see if we could help.

Here at JWP we know just how important those samples are to your customers,

It could be the start of a major contract and to lose it is unthinkable.

So....we had a machine in stock that would be perfect for them, the only sticking point was they were

based in Presov, Slovakia a 3500 mile round trip by road.

To fly the machine in would have taken too long to get it prepared so we loaded it up into the van

and off we went.

Taking in 5 countries along the way, a treacherous journey across a mountain in driving rain and complete darkness, we arrived in Presov.

The following day we install the new plotter, those all importaint samples are getting produced again.

All of us here at JWP put you, the customer first.

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